Heart’s True Essence


Essence:   your basic or real nature.

Many traditions believe that the core of our essence is anchored within the center of our hearts. From the heart it interacts with all levels of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual existence.

Because the heart begins working so early in your body’s development, it is exposed to and records joyous as well as disharmonious events that occur to your body, mind and emotions.

You are cordially invited to…

Reconnect with Your Heart’s True Essence

Are you ready?

  • For a stronger connection with your True Self?
  • To let go of disharmonies from your birth?
  • Release hidden traumas that are holding you back from a happier life?

Be the Best You Can Be!


A group Heart healing event to release old obstructions

and restore more joy, harmony and balance in your life!

When you restore harmony to your heart, everything around you will transform.

The relationship to yourself, your family and the world will shift.

You will free yourself from habitual responses to other people’s expectations.


For event dates, times and locations please see locations

Pre-registration is required – space maybe limited.

Admission: To secure your space, prepayment is requested.

Attire: Casual loose fitting tops, slacks and minimal jewelry.
Ladies…please no underwire bras as they affect your energy flow.

Bring:  A yoga mat or pad and a pillow.

Since each person’s journey is unique… the changes that takes place will vary depending on the amount of layers, obstructions and clearing one has already accomplished.

After attending a heart healing event, one should allow some time for their lives to embrace the changes that took place.

You may wish to participate in a future heart event to continue your journey of healing.

I am looking forward to sharing this healing event with you.

If you would be interested in hosting an event, please contact me.

Contact Bruce on-line or 703-771-7755