Program Overview

Clearing Held Memories Training Program is a unique and powerful form of energetic body work. This complimentary and integrative energy therapy program enables the practitioner to connect to cellular memories and release the energetic components of deeply held traumas.

By combining the gentle connection of touch to the various energy systems flowing throughout the body, blocked traumas may be released.   These techniques play a major role in restoring a person’s vitality.

The knowledge you learn here may be incorporated into any traditional massage or energy healing therapy practice.

Continuing Education

This training program is approved for continuing education by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB). It encompasses three courses with five classes each.

Laying the Foundation

Participants will learn how to perform six energy movement techniques to multiple aspects of five primary energy systems.

Class 1 – Energy Flow & Chakras

Class 2 – Expanding Energy Flows

Class 3 – Gateway to Emotions

Class 4 – Energies of the Heart

Class 5 – Life Lines

Pathways of Emotions

Participants will learn how to perform energy movement techniques to the Gateway connections located along the energetic Pathways.

Class 1 – Energetic Meridians

Class 2 – Emotional Pathway I

Class 3 – Emotional Pathway II

Class 4  – Emotional Pathway III

Class 5 – Flowing with the Pathways

Mastering Vibrations

Participants will acquire advance procedures with hands on experience to master assessing and applying energy techniques to clear held traumas within the body.

Class 1 – Advance Pathways

Class 2 – Elements of Emotion

Class 3 – Spinal Energy

Class 4 – Advanced Life Lines

Class 5 – Fields and Layers

Practitioner Levels

Practitioner I

Participants must complete all classes of Laying the Foundation and Pathways of Emotions.

Practitioner II

Participants must complete “Mastering Vibrations” and receive the Instructor’s recommendation.

Certified Practitioner

Participants must complete all three courses.

In addition they must provide documentation of 50 CHM sessions, obtain a minimum of 10 hours of mentor-ship and receive recommendation for Certification from an Instructor.