Rhema: Hamilton, VA

No words can express the deep respect and gratitude I have for the healing I have received from Bruce Winkle.

After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I went through several surgeries and aggressive chemo therapy. I learned there was a free monthly Reiki session for cancer patients at our local hospital so I signed up. There I met Bruce, who started and coordinates this wonderful group of Reiki volunteers. Bruce worked on me at one of those Reiki sessions.

I felt so much better afterward that I made an appointment to see him at his private healing practice. He has helped me through the toughest healing challenge of my life. Highly intuitive, Bruce helped me uncover and release some deeply buried and/or long forgotten physical, emotional and psychological issues which likely contributed to my disease.

He has taught me so much about healing and about myself. Healer and teacher extraordinaire, I am so blessed to have Bruce guiding me on this healing journey.

With love and eternal gratitude

Rhema: Hamilton, VA