A Journey to Healing by Bruce Winkle


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This handbook takes you on an exciting journey into a new and unique form of energetic bodywork. It will introduce you to energy aspects, perspectives, and expand your understanding of how our energy systems connect and flow within us.

New perceptions will open your awareness to entryways to the body’s held emotions. Insights will empower you with ways to enrich your wonderful Heart.

Additional wisdom will show you how to set free deeply held traumatic events that are trapped in a body’s energetic Life Line.

Bringing this knowledge together can help you and your clients release many old traumas and provide a way to profound healing.

ISBN: 978-0-9846868-2-7
Pages:     134
Size:        81/2” X 11”
Price:      $ 24.95
Printed in USA

By Bruce Winkle
Energy Healer and Teacher
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