Robin: Leesburg, VA

My name is Robin. I have a rare and unusual birth defect called Chiari Malformation (part of the brain stem is in the spinal column).

I had decompression surgery 23 years ago, where the medical doctors added a cadaver patch to make more space for the brain stem. In addition, I also had a rare condition where my diaphragm became paralyzed. I had major surgery to tie down the diaphragm and put my liver, gallbladder and colon back into place.

Needless to say, I have had conic pain and other physical problems since then. I tried everything that the medical profession suggested. They did not work.

One of my friends suggested that I try Bruce Winkle – Energy Healer. I talked to him and asked if he wanted to see my medical records. He said “No, he would work with my body”.

I thought, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard this before”. However, I was willing to try anything.

The first two hour session with Bruce, he was able to determine my main underlying problem was deeply held fear. (NO KIDDING! Lots of FEAR!) It extended back to my early childhood. Bruce did not know about my traumatic early life or any of the later traumas I had endured during my life. He was able to connect and release a major tragic event from my early childhood.

Bruce said “I would be a challenge and would need to see him every week, for awhile”.

I am writing this after about three months of seeing Bruce for healing sessions. He has done a remarkable job in finding and releasing various problems with the energy of my internal organs. The energy channels to the organs had been compromised and blocked by my medical and personal life. He has been able to unblock the channels to many organs and release the external pain and inflammations.

I have been amazed at Bruce’s healing abilities! I will continue to work with him until he says I am OK, or he can’t stand my whining any more.

I am so Thankful for his kind and gentle approach to my problems!

Robin: Leesburg, VA