Cheryl: Round Hill, VA

Bruce truly has a gift in healing with energy. He has a unique ability to sense where my energy is blocked and then help me by releasing it. I am going through some difficulties, which I am able to deal with better since I have been going to Bruce.

I have personally seen a shift in myself, both physically and mentally. I noticed immediately how quickly my body aches and pains had lessoned. Also, I am more centered, happier and feel less stressed. Others have commented on this as well.

I am excited to feel more like the real true me and I am grateful for Bruce’s help.

Shannon – RN – Berryville, VA

A personal Thank you for giving me the best night sleep I’ve had in months, as I suffered from insomnia. I had chronic right upper back pain, it’s gone. I feel grounded, and better able to cope with my current situations in a positive manner. You have an invaluable gift.

Many blessings to you.

Barbara: Mocksville, NC

Dear Bruce,

I want to thank you so much for using your abilities to allow me to begin to experience a clearing of such long held blockages.

I felt you would want to hear feedback about how I’m processing the results of your profound energy work.

Yesterday when I woke up and got out of bed everything was affected, even my balance. That’s what I noticed first. I felt the jittery sensations around my heart, and noticed that everything felt different even the way my muscles and body moved. I felt a bit nauseous, so I had some green tea and more flower essences. I also was simultaneously bathed in great waves of gratitude to you for all your work.

I was tired in my whole body especially where we had concentrated the energy work- my heart, my chest, my right ovary area, and my back above my left kidney.

In the evening my muscles began to really complain. I kept taking the flower essence mixture, and had to use a heating pad in my lap and on my back and shoulders. Finally I took a hot bath with Epsom salts and essences in it, and went to bed.

Yesterday, and much more today, I am feeling calmer and at ease. I now make a conscious effort to go to the feeling place and not react with habitual or practiced ways of being. I think I’m moving out of the worst of the reactions to the releases that are taking place.

Thanks from my heart.


(Note: Since Barbara lives so far from my office we decided to do an extended session and she was ready to handle the possible heavy detox that her body and energy might go thru).

Cindy – Energy Healer – Middleburg, VA

I am an energy worker trained by Barbara Brennan.  I have worked long and hard on my craft and have a bar that is very high for other energy workers.  I am very careful who I let touch my body and work on my field.  Bruce met and exceeded all of my expectations in our session.  He provided compassion, intensity, flexibility, focus, professionalism, and integrity.  I will be seeing Bruce again for my energy work in the future.  We all need an energy worker like Bruce as part of our self-care team!

Jilliana – Reflexologist – New Bern, NC

I’m always looking to improve and add to my skills as a holistic practitioner.

I’d heard about cellular clearing and I wanted to explore its potential as a therapeutic modality.

Not only have I used these techniques for my own transformation but as a certified reflexologist, adding this protocol to my holistic arsenal only enhances the benefit my clientele experience.

I can provide deeper layers of stress and emotional release because of the application of the techniques learned in Clearing Held Memories.

Rhema: Hamilton, VA

No words can express the deep respect and gratitude I have for the healing I have received from Bruce Winkle.

After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I went through several surgeries and aggressive chemo therapy. I learned there was a free monthly Reiki session for cancer patients at our local hospital so I signed up. There I met Bruce, who started and coordinates this wonderful group of Reiki volunteers. Bruce worked on me at one of those Reiki sessions.

I felt so much better afterward that I made an appointment to see him at his private healing practice. He has helped me through the toughest healing challenge of my life. Highly intuitive, Bruce helped me uncover and release some deeply buried and/or long forgotten physical, emotional and psychological issues which likely contributed to my disease.

He has taught me so much about healing and about myself. Healer and teacher extraordinaire, I am so blessed to have Bruce guiding me on this healing journey.

With love and eternal gratitude